Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Full of Words Tuesday

I wish I knew the name of the artist who drew this, so that I could give proper credit, however I don't. I can tell you who's blog I got it off of.

Seeing Small

Have you ever hit the small button on the top of your Blogger Blog that says "Next Blog"? Well, that is how I found Curt Smith photography. (Please be careful if you do this, as it is also how I got the spyware I couldn't get rid of). I have probably been following him for close to a year. His photos are outstanding if you are into that sort of thing. I would post some here but I don't have permission, in fact someday I should probably tell him I am following his blog...maybe next Focus Friday.

Today was inauguration day. Today was also my 40th birthday. A historical event in 2 ways for me. The above picture in some ways does say it all. I Can't tell you what it means to me to have a president of a different race inaugurated into the office today. I see great things for the next generation, my children being 2 of them. You see, my children are biracial. Officially they are Mexican-American. I am White, my husband is Mexican American. My husband is full blooded Mexican if you are allowed to use that term. His parents spoke Spanish and then English. They both passed away before they were able to give my children the gift of being bilingual, this is one thing in my life I wish I could change. I hope in 4 years, then in 8 years, then in 60 years my children have even a small understating of what today meant in American History.

This was not meant to be a political post, sorry for it becoming that in many ways. So, yes every 4 years the country inaugurates a president on my birthday. This year it was a big one but I have to say I so don't feel 40. Twenty-five maybe, but 40 no.

Focus Friday you say? Well The eating better was easy to do, I just started paying attention to what I buy and we have done well. The scale at hubby's work says down 5 pounds. He also pointed out that he was also down one pair of heavy shoes and about 3 layers of clothing (We are in Colorado, so some weeks you need 4 layers and some weeks you need one).
Smoking sucks! Sunday was way better, I hit my goal! Monday and Tuesday were about average. I still have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to go so wish me luck.
Blogging? Well, I never did have time on Saturday to do the giveaway post. This will be my biggest challenge as it takes so much time to link! I have the basic HTML knowledge to do it but I sure with there was an easier way....Anyone?? However, here is the post for Tuesday and when I am done, I plan on getting Wordless Wednesday already to go.
So there you have it, the update post for Tuesday. How about 4 facts? O.K.

  1. 2 things I want to blog about are: What I have learned from other bloggers (Yes, this will take alot of Linky time). And 10 things I am thankful for.

  2. I will now give you a link to one of my favorite bloggers just to practice. Pioneer Woman she rocks! She has like 4 blogs in one and I have to follow all 4 of them in reader because I don't know how else to do it.

  3. I was married on May 20th so my husband could just think of the month and the 20th and see if there was an important day he needed to remember.

  4. I love posting picture of the kiddos so here:

  1. This is my mom and dad and daughter and son. I love love love this picture because of the way my dad is looking at my son. We lost my Dad to Non Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL) Cancer in May. That is a story for many other days.

So... With this picture and the one above I say see you all soon!! Thanks for tuning in!


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