Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Kindergarten & General Rambling

Don’t stop blogging, because if you do…you stop taking as many pictures! 

Our first day of Kindergarten came in late August…. We are now Angry Birds fans.  I told my friend Andy that I did not want to download the app, I just knew I would be addicted!  Guess what??? I am. 

The Cutie Bug LOVES Kindergarten by the way.  He scares me, his math is better than his 2nd grade sister’s is. 

I have decided that since our school district has taken implemented 4 furlough days this year without an explanation as to when the children actually make up the missed days of school for their education (run on sentence, sorry), that I will be adding homeschool doses to my kids education as I can on Saturdays and during the summer.  If I come up with anything exciting I will share it with you. 

Little known fact for the day year.  I have a teaching degree, but did not choose to use it as my career. 

Had enough general rambling yet?? I have. 

Just a note in case anyone is actually reading…. I spend way too much time on twitter now, so if you are actually looking for me you can find me here: @coloradomommy





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