Friday, January 16, 2009

Focus Friday

So...I have to say that if you get a huge outbreak of Spyware on your computer it does become hard to blog! I decided at t he beginning of the year to blog and what happens??? I get spyware. It was so bad I had to reformat the entire Hard drive. The good news is that I did get a chance to save my pictures to a zip drive. Of course before this occured I didn't even know what a zip drive was......but I do now! and they are all safe! So you want to see one? Well I know that the last me me I saw was picture number 6 in my file so here it is:

This is my Girl at 2 1/2. She is now 4 1/2. These pictures were done at Wal-Mart.

So on to the post title. focus Friday. One of my favorite bloggers threw down the challenge of Focus Friday. This would be Thrifty & Chic Mom. Here is her button assuming that it works right.

Focus Friday

Mom says: To participate in Focus Friday all you need to do is write a post on your blog what you will be focusing on in the coming week. I don't have an update from last week because this is my first.
So my focus occurs in 3 parts:
  1. Try to eat healthier. My hubby joined the biggest looser contest at work so I will focus on trying to make healthier choices while I am at the grocery store.
  2. Trying to cut my smoking in half. Yes, you may send me all the negative comments you want. I KNOW I should not be smoking, maybe you don't know how hard it is to quit. I currently smoke a pack a day. I would like to start by cutting this in half. A start is better than nothing so please support me instead of criticizing me!
  3. The last is I hope to blog at least 3 times this week. I know (sorry I just lost my train of thought while I was making sure I spelled criticizing right) I can do this, my goal is Saturday's I do giveaway links, Tuesday (hubby's bowling night) I do a general update of life. And then I just have to add one more day right? I can do it. I will not count the fact that I want to do a Wordless Wednesday too.

So there is no number 4, if anyone actually does read this blog let me know what else you want to know about me. Here are 4 facts to get you started: (Oh my Gosh, if you get interrupted 3 times you totally lose your train of thought!)

  1. I am an Advanced Age Mom (I, know there is some sort of cute acronym for this but I can't think of it now!) I will be 40 next week.
  2. I work for the government. In what cute compacity you say?? I am an administrative specialist for a Colorado Transit agency. (Nice title huh?)
  3. I didn't really want to have a child when I did, but if you skip the Nuva Ring for 3 weeks it can happen (I am really glad it did).
  4. I have been to Sturgis South Dakota during bike week 9 times. (You think that is something my husband has been 18 years!)

So there you go with my post of the week. I hope I can figure out how to link to Thrifty Mom!


Nanny A said...

Good luck on your first week with Focus Friday. I too just joined this week.

Great for you for wanting to cut back/quit smoking. I have never smoked but I know it is very hard.

Do you have a plan of action for that? Just think of the money you could be saving by only smoking half a pack a day. Maybe you could set up a jar for the money spent on the other half a pack and when you reach 30 days you go treat yourself to something great.

See you next Friday to wish you Kudos for your success this week. Here is my focus for the week!

Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

Good luck you are taking on some really big challenges but I know you can do it. Just think of the gift you are giving your daughter by cutting back on smoking and eating healthier. Thanks for joining, I look forward to your update next Friday!