Friday, January 23, 2009

Focus Friday

Wow, is it Friday already?

Focus Friday

Update from last Friday:
  1. The eating bettter went well...better. I made a conscious effort to buy better dinners so we all could eat better. My husband weighed in actually at 6 pound less for the week and that put him in second place for the weight loss program he is doing at work. His theory is simple, fewer calories. I hope in the next month we can find some time to sneek in some exercise too.
  2. Smoking, well sufice it to say this is going back on the list this week. Maybe 3 days out of 7 I hit the goal, that would work for this week and add a day!
  3. Blogging went better too! I did miss the Saturday links I wanted to do but I did manage a post on Tuesday and joined a wordless Wednesday, also here we are on Friday, Yea!

Goals for this week, I think I am going to keep it simple however when I look around my house I keep adding "simple" things to my list!

  1. First up goes the somking
  2. Next is blogging, not me especailly but I want to write at least 2 comments a day on someone else's blog (or 14 for the week). I think it's time that I let people know I am there and that they touch me on a daily basis. These comments have to be over and above the endless giveaways I comment on.
  3. This one may sound silly but I want to get through 3 of my magazines this week. In the past I searched alot of sites for freebies, and found them (samples mostly). In the course of this I ended up with free subscriptions to about 10 magazines a month! Needless to say I now have piles of magazines all over my house that are unread.
  4. I will get my daughters application to a charter school turned in
  5. I will get my tires rotated
  6. I wil make a dentist appointment for me

Thank you to the people that read and commented on my blog last time. I did have time to read some of your and plan on commenting on some tommorow. Have a great week everyone!



Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

Great job last week, and congrats on your husbands weight loss. You have a big list this week I wish you well. Good job with the smoking, can't imagine how hard it is to quit, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

You're pretty ambitious and I am impressed! :) Good luck!

DiPaola Momma said...

So did ya get it done? I am GREAT at making grand plans.. and it pretty much stops there, HA! I love that pic in the upper left colum!! Your kids make the chin up photo face too!!

Welcome to my minions..I mean followers.. I hope you like my blog and good luck winning some of the fun stuff I'll come up with.

Nanny A said...

I love your focuses for the week! I think I will have to adopt the one on commenting on other people's blogs sometime in the future. Everyone needs a pat on the back.

Good luck with smoking. Maybe when you feel the urge, pull out your focus friday list and work on something. You want to see a gold star next friday for things..and you are on your way!

Nina said...

It is tough sticking to some of the things we commit to. I failed my first week but have been very successful the last two. I like have the checks and balances of focus friday. Good luck on the smoking and everything else.