Monday, May 17, 2010

Take Me Back Tuesday ~May

May will always and forever remind me of babies! I had a baby born in May, and a baby born in April. So May was when I had Maternity Leave from my job to stay home and learn how to take care of a baby. I got to do this twice. I guess that I learned pretty good judging by how the kiddo’s are today!!!

This one is when my cutie bug was about 3 days old. So take me back to May 12, 2006. The proud big sister was just barely 2.


This is my sweet Angel when she was about 5 weeks old, May of 2004. This picture has always been one of my favorites, because the hand you see is Dad’s. Always supporting her.

taylor potrait 6-6-04

I love looking back on those early days of motherhood!! What do you love looking back on??

A Day With Two

“How do you play along? We all have tons of photos from the days before the digital camera. I figure if I just scan a few each week, eventually I will get them all safely into my computer. But you don't need a scanner to participate! - Just find a photo that takes you back to another time. Every week you can come back here and share photos that "take you back." Maybe it is the bad hair we all had in the 80's, the bell-bottoms you swore were so hip in the 70's, or your favorite pictures of your kids! If you decide to participate, sign the Linky below and I promise to head on over and spread some comment love your way!”

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Ginny Marie said...

I just love looking back at those early days of motherhood, too! My daughters were born in 2004 and 2007, so they are about the same age as your two!

I would love it if you participated on my blog doesn't matter if you don't travel anywhere! Pictures of where you go in your home town would be great!

Denise said...

Such sweet pictures!!! I've been thinking a lot about my early days of motherhood with each of my children.

Congrats on being featured!!! I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, I'm always on the look out for a fun new meme to participate in.

blueviolet said...

They're such precious photos of the kids!!!

Whimsical Creations said...

Just so precious!! I love looking back at the early days of motherhood...ahhhh the things I would tell myself. =D

Cascia said...

Beautiful shots of your kids. Sometimes I wish mine were still that little. They grow up way too fast.

Nina said...

Look at all that wonderful hair she had. They are both such cute babies and kids.