Friday, February 06, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday

Here we are back at Focus Friday again! As you can see, my blogging this week wasn't so good, Friday, Wednesday, not quite enough! I will again add that to this week. So the update goes, smoking goes back as number one, I just can't seem to get motivated to get this done, I am sorry to disapoint both you and me!

  1. Charter school application - Done!
  2. Call two preschools to set up appointments to see them - Set up one and did a visit today, love it and signing up next week! So done!
  3. Magazines - Yes, lets shoot for reading 2 this week - Read one, pretty good for something that is not the first priority!
  4. Convert the boy's crib to a toddler bed. Done! Did this Saturday morning and he has been so a happy to be a "big boy"
  5. Sort out the to buckets. Done! I didn't take a picture because they still look the same, but they are more organized! All the balls in one bucket, all the playdough in one bucket etc.

So basically I am very happy with the week! I had the dentist appointment today that I scheduled 2 weeks ago and it wasn't as bad as I thought! Yea!

This week:

  1. One main goal: Work on intamacy with hubby. To be blunt (I can do that on my very own blog right?) More intamacy (sex) there I said it! at least 3 days this week. I guess when you get busy with kids, work, the house your relationship can hit the bottom of the list and I don't want it to be that way so once in a while it needs to be at the top of the list. I think while I am at it I will try and pick a "date day" before the end of February too.
  2. Make eye appointment for son (we are thinking lazy eye and want to get the professional opinion)
  3. Get the tires rotated
  4. Do the blog update on Tuesday.

Sounds like a good do-able week for me. How did your week go? I will be leaving comments tommorow as Saturday early is a good day for me to catch up on the blog thing...Until then, happy Friday!



NateAndJakesMom said...

I must, must, must not let my husband read this post. If he thinks that I can put having sex as a focus for the week...
But best of luck to you and I guess your husband too! :) He is a lucky guy.

Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

Good luck this week, your relationship with your DH is important set a date night once a month that is just you 2 no kids. Great job last week and good luck with all of your stuff this week.

Nancy said...

Sounds like you were really productive last week. Good for you!

Good luck on this weeks to do list. My list is pretty boring.. I have websites that I'm working on... have to exercise.. clean house