Friday, June 11, 2010

Friendly Friday

Hi everyone! 

Shannon over at The Mommy-Files is starting an new adventure called Friendly Friday!  She says “On Friendly Fridays, I will provide a linky so that you can leave the link to your blog and have other people in the blogosphere visit your site and leave comment love.  After all, who doesn’t love comment love, right?”


If you are here from The Mommy-Files welcome!  My name is LT, and I have been blogging for about a year and a half now.  I originally got into blogging to enter Giveaways!  But I quickly learned that most bloggers offer much more than just giveaways and started to meet a bunch of super nice people too! 

My days are filled with my 2 kiddo’s my Angel who is 6, and my Cutie Bug, who is 4.  I also have a sweet husband of 15 years and a full time job!


I participate in several Meme’s each week, and try to put a few more personal posts up too!  The links to my Meme’s are over in the left side bar!  Every Sunday I host “A Day For Quotes”, where you can show off your favorite quotes every week!  Every Tuesday I host “Take Me Back Tuesday”  where you can post older pictures from you past!


I am looking forward to meeting some new bloggers, and if you are too head on over to The Mommy-Files!


Emily said...

Nice to meet yo LT! We have been blogging around the same time. I can't believe there's this many bloggers that I don't know! Hope to see you around-

Emily @ Busy Mommy

Cascia said...

That sounds like a fun meme! Everyone loves comments.

Thanks for stopping by the Healthy Moms the other day. Have a great weekend!

The Mommy-Files said...

I love your blog! Your kids are adorable! Hope you have a great weekend!

Ginny Marie said...

This sounds like a great idea! I love giving (and receiving!) comment love!

Your kids are so cute...I love that picture!