Thursday, April 30, 2009


So I did it, I downloaded the TweetDeck.

I swore I wasn't going to do it and I did.

Up until now I have just been using Twitter to mostly enter giveaways....hang on I just got a tweet notification.....I'm back, it was Valerie @ Sweeps4Bloggers, she is the one to follow if you like giveaways! I just can't keep up with her!

So...where was I? Oh yes, TweetDeck...I really got into Twitter when Stellan was so sick, it was the only way to keep up to date on the very latest from MckMamma. Can I just say how ecstatic I was when Stellan went home this week! Yea MckFamily!!

Then, the bad thing happened...they blocked Twitter at work! Can you believe it?? They actually wanted me to well work when I was at work. Never fear, I found a way around that! I just popped the TwitterGadget into my iGoogle page and all was well. The great thing is at work the only link they think I am looking at is Google (I am so bad).

Tonight, I stepped over the Twitter line, I actually did an @ reply. My first, are you proud?

I read a post not too many months ago about one blogger's hesitation to join Twitter. Fiona who said "I am going to face my fears, and I am going to explore the bird. There must be something there if millions of folk are twittering each day. I go forth with trepidation.. wish me luck". Can I steal your words Fiona? Oh wait I just did.
Well, here is me jumping in as well, so if you get an @Tweet from me, please be patient with me and possibly answer me and remember, I am new to this. Must go now and figure out how to put that cute "Follow me on Twitter" bird on my blog.



Anissa said...

Too funny --- I just start about 2 weeks ago. You will have fun! TFS

Banteringblonde said...

ahhh how time flies!!! I'm a tweet freak now, I love it and tweetdeck will rock your world! @ me baby!

Nina said...

I have not done twitter, blogging is hard enough to keep up with. i don't need anything else in my life....

Bee and Rose said...

I am slowly starting to lean toward the tweet...I will totally blame you if I cross over to the tweet side! lol!