Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Day For Quotes ~Beginnings

Happy New Year everyone! The New Year is always a great time to think about what you want to to better, or more of. A time for new beginnings, so that is the theme of my quotes today. May you all have a wonderful 2011!

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning. ~ Louis L'Amour

Beginning is not only a kind of action. It is also a frame of mind, a kind of work, an attitude, a consciousness. ~ Edward Said


Keep on beginning and failing. Each time you fail, start all over gain, and you will grow stronger until you have accomplished a purpose - not the one you began with perhaps, but one you'll be glad to remember. ~ Anne Sullivan

If we don't start, it's certain we can't arrive. ~ Zig Ziglar

Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake. ~ Marie Beynon Ray

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blueviolet said...

It really is easy to get caught up on old mistakes, isn't it? I love that quote about just leaving it behind!

Frugal Science Gal said...

Happy New Year!!!