Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Top 10 Things Kids Want Their Parents To Do With Them

After having a great week just spending time with our kids, I though I would post this list from an article I read way back in January! What jumps out to me the most is how many times kids just want you to talk to them. I love hearing my kids talk about what is important to them and I love their perspective on their world! What do you talk to your kids about??

Found from an article here, this is a list of the top ten things students around the world said they remembered and loved most about their mothers.

  1. Come into my bedroom at night, tuck me in and sing me a song. Also tell me stories about when you were little.
  2. Give me hugs and kisses and sit and talk with me privately.
  3. Spend quality time just with me, not with my brothers and sisters around.
  4. Give me nutritious food so I can grow up healthy.
  5. At dinner talk about what we could do together on the weekend.
  6. At night talk to me about about anything; love, school, family etc.
  7. Let me play outside a lot.
  8. Cuddle under a blanket and watch our favorite TV show together.
  9. Discipline me. It makes me feel like you care.
  10. Leave special messages in my desk or lunch bag.



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Clueless_Mama said...

Isn't it amazing that none of the top ten things was they buy me lots of stuff. I am really trying to remember that with my kids. I truly believe "you" are the best thing you can offer them not store bought things. Thanks for this awesome list. I am going to print it to show my sister.