Saturday, October 10, 2009

Keep Your Mind on the Wheel ~"Never Drive While InTEXTicated"

The dangers of texting or talking on a cell phone while driving are mind boggling! I think we have all seen very bad footage or heard bad stories that come from doing either of these things while you are behind the wheel of a car (or any other vehicle for that matter!)

This is a topic that is very dear to my heart as a lot of my driving time is spent with my children in the car. My 5 year old even knows not to text while driving! Whenever I get a text message ring in the car she always tells me “Mama, you know you can’t text while driving!”

Mom Sends The Msg is asking drivers to take a pledge to stop driving while distracted!

From Their website they say:

Here is what we pledge:

  • We pledge to model safe behavior when we drive.
  • We pledge to set firm house rules on texting and phoning while driving.
  • We pledge to help spread the word on the dangers of distracted driving.

Here is what we ask for:

  • We ask for the dangers of distracted driving to be included in drivers’ education classes.
  • We ask for innovations in technology to help solve the problem.
  • We ask for laws to make it illegal to text and drive.
  • We ask for enforcement of existing distracted driving laws and consequences when the laws are broken.
  • By working together we will make everyone safer.

Go visit: Live, Laugh, Love and Bloggings, after you have taken the pledge! You can enter her giveaway to win $50 worth of gift cards to spend on Amazon!

Live Laugh Love and Bloggings

So Go Take The Pledge to help keep our roads safe!


blueviolet said...

That's a pledge that I can get behind!

Paul said...

we teach our drivers to avoid distractions at

Nina said...

I can not text to save my life and the thought of trying to do it while driving is just out of the question.

What a great cause!