Monday, August 17, 2009

Take Me Back Tuesday

Who’s that cute baby in the mirror??

08-17-2009 07;46;55PM (2)


It’s Me!!

08-17-2009 07;49;54PM (2)


Kisses for the baby!

08-17-2009 07;52;25PM (2)


This little sweetie is of course my daughter at 6 months old!  Once again, where does the time go?  So you all know she started Kindergarten on Monday.  Yes, everything went fine, even though I didn’t really feel that the school had it all together in regards to what the Kindergarteners were supposed to be doing.  Just a small history on this, they expected about 45 kids and 90 registered!  I think they had to find a classroom and teacher in a very short time.  I really liked her teacher (she has a ton of experience) and she had a great time!  And me?  I only teared up about 10 times!


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Captain Dumbass said...

Grr. My computer is only loading up the first picture. Oh well, you were a cute baby. My son's school is having the same problem this term. The school's rankings shot up so enrollment did too. The had to get rid of a grade five teacher and hire a new kindergarten teacher.

kiddiescorner said...

I love the photos of babies in mirrors. They do not know what to think of it. very cute. Love it. Have a great Tuesday!

Whimsical Creations said...

Super cute photo! Time goes too fast.

WOW, that is a big difference on what they expected. Wonder why?

NateAndJakesMom said...

I love those photos but I coudln't help but look at the back of her head where she had that adorable bald spot. Luke just lost that little bald spot and I thought I wanted it to grow in back there but now that it is gone, I am soooo sad! And to think that one day that child, my youngest, will be going to kindergarten too?? It is almost too much - I totally felt your pain seeing her go to school for the first time. I felt that ache in my chest.

Happy Tuesday my friend - my fabulously beautiful and strong friend!

Nina said...

Wow, that is a lot of kids. I bet they were scrambling. Luke's class last year for his AM kindergarten class had 26 kids in his class. That seems like a lot of kids for one teacher at one time.

Glad she had a good first day.

Anonymous said...

that first photo is AWESOME

Felicia said...

Oh wow these are such great pictures of her! What a memory.