Monday, August 10, 2009

Take Me Back Tuesday ~Summer Vacation

I have really had a great time doing this MeMe.  Every week, on Monday night I remember I need to grab the photo album I borrowed took from my Mom and post a Take Me Back Tuesday Photo.  This usually leads to about an hour of flipping through my photos and remembering what my childhood was like. 

Take Me Back to 1979! 

Here we have my family!  My Brother, age 13, Mom, Dad and Me age 10. 

I can’t believe this was 30 years ago!  We were in Estes Park for the day.  Strange thing is, that is where we just did a family camping trip to this weekend!  You so know that more camping photos of our family will be following. 

Summer 1979

I  just can’t believe how young my parents looked!  My children will be saying that before I know it. 


Same area, but 30 years and different Children later! 

The third child belongs to my friends Laurel and Andy, our beautiful Maggie! 


(Please Visit Laurel’s Blog and tell her “Hi”  since she is brand new in the blogging world. Maggie And Me And The Brit).  Maggie will be making many guest appearances on my blog many times in the future! 


How do you play along?

You must visit my beautiful friend Kari who says:

We all have tons of photos from the days before the digital camera. I figure if I just scan a few each week, eventually I will get them all safely into my computer.
Every week you can come back here and share photos that "take you back." Maybe it is the bad hair we all had in the 80's or the bell-bottoms you swore were so hip in the 70's. Whatever you want to share!

So click on the line below to join in!!

A Giveaway Addicted Mommy for Take Me Back Tuesday!

A Giveaway Addicted Mommy


Diane said...

What is that old saying, everything old is new again?! Beautiful pictures of your family as a child and now to have your own children enjoying that same area is wonderful! Thanks for sharing your pictures and your memories! Have a great day!

Many hugs..........


Nina said...

I love it! Isn't it so fun to look back and then to take your kids back also. Does everything seem smaller to you?

Whimsical Creations said...

Fabulous photos!! It is so much fun looking back.

Liz said...

How sweet, things do change in 30 years, and it goes by sooo fast! Love the pictures. :-)

shopannies said...

its funny what we think when we look back on time

MamabearMills said...

great photos!

NateAndJakesMom said...

I love that you are able to do the same things you did when you were younger with your kids! How cool is that?!

Just FYI: I have had your blog up on my computer all day. I am just now getting around to commenting though I read it hours and hours ago. Anyone want my life? Any and all offers welcome. Ugh.

Hit 40 said...

You have more faith in your computer to save pictures than I. I like to print out hard copies of my favorites. I do not trust technology to save them for me. Great pictures and I am impressed that you know how to scan them.