Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Take Me Back Tuesday ~More of Sturgis


WARNING here! If you scroll down, there is an almost nude lady in the photo below, just to warn ya!

More about Sturgis?? The picture above is actually the year before I got to go for the first time. I really like it because of the picture of “camp”. Camping is a big part of our Sturgis experience and some years really roughing it has included an outhouse and solar bag showers. My Sturgis years ran from 1994-2002. When I think of the trip we call “Sturgis” and what it means to me, I come up with the chance to spend a full week with up to 15 of the best friends a person could ever have. I think one of the reasons behind why our group goes (besides the bikes) is because it was a fun event that happened once a year so everyone knew in advance which week we would be spending together.


This picture is of a small town in Wyoming called Sundance that we faithfully visit every year. The top picture is of me and 3 of “the boys” just clowning around. I rarely get into the Sturgis pictures because I am always the one behind the camera. The second picture is still Sundance, not Sturgis! In the whole area of southern South Dakota and northern Wyoming bikes pretty much take up parking everywhere! Most of the towns designate “bike only” parking and then let the bikers park on the edges of the street and then have a row in the middle of the street.

I posted this last picture because when you say Sturgis, this is typically what everyone thinks of, women wandering around with no clothes on! Please note: This Is Not Me!! This is just some woman in Sundance in her bikini bottom with stickers over her nipples. Typically you don’t see too much full nudity in Sturgis or any of the other towns because they have set laws in to place that make this illegal. But yea, the stickers make it legal.

This is getting long so I will wrap it up with the preview of next week, what is it like to cook for 15 people, while camping. And oh yea, I still haven’t told you why my tour ended in 2002.

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NateAndJakesMom said...

Oh my... You know when we went to Jamaica there were these ladies who walked around with fruit on their head and dressed in traditional garb. I wanted to take a picture with her but she said she charged $5. So, my question is, did sticker girl charge per picture? I can imagine she would make quite a killing there. :)

Sorry Linky wasn't up - I have added you to the linky.

Tranquility said...

Love the photos - what a great set of memories!
I just don't understand why a woman would want to walk around town wearing only stickers over her nipples...

Whimsical Creations said...

What wonderful memories!!

blueviolet said...

All it takes is a sticker to be legal!

Whether it's bikers or some other group, you get a lot of people in one spot with alcohol and there's bound to be some craziness.

I love hearing about this. We have a city in Sturgis, MI which does a biker weekend too. I imagine it's designed to be a smaller take-off of yours. :)

Jamie said...

I've heard it was kind of a rough scene, but it looks like you had a blast. And, yes, the naked lady is pretty much what came to mind when I thought about Sturgis. Stickers make it legal, eh?

Banteringblonde said...

I've heard about sturgis ... had a babysitter once go and her Dad brought her LOL

Nina said...

Isn't it fun knowing you had a set trip every year and you new you were going to be spending time with friends.

Kathleen W. said...

That looks like fun, even with a nipple lady walking around! I love that you wrote in bold "this is not me!" lol